Aero Metobolic Resistance Training

Zorba also has 2 special programs to choose from for AMRT.

Aikido is an ancient martial art form that was developed to protect oneself when extending compassion to anyone who wishes to harm you. Aikido training works wonders for your body, mind and soul. The training emphasizes on the ability to relax your mind under stress. This art concentrates on relaxation, flexibility, endurance and also aids in strength training.

Taebo training adds an exciting pace to any boring workout routine. This fast-paced, high-impact workout routine is an excellent way to tone your muscles, burn calories, sharpen mental skills, and strengthen your heart. Discover more about this Taebo workout that as quoted by Billy Blanks is “intended for the mind, body and soul.”

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  • Aero kickboxing Classes in Chennai
  • Aero kickboxing Classes in Chennai

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Zorba- A Renaissance studio is imparting training in various types of holistic approaches with an intention to treat carious physical and mental ailment in tune with nature’s way. It accepts no responsibility or liability for the participants health issues on account of any other type of medication through indian or allopathic medicine. Should be Practiced with our guidance or if we tell you that you are capable enough to do it alone.

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