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Physical and psychological healths are interrelated. Often, people are confused whether to listen to their mind or their body, as both function in differing ways. However, the truth is, to remain mentally and physically healthy, both body and mind should function in sync and harmony. Eliminate every tension and discomfort which results in disharmony between them.

The important factor about life is to live it thoroughly with peace and harmony. It should begin with oneself before it disseminates to others. For this, we need to, understand and accept ourselves. We need to understand our body and mind to love ourselves and appreciate our existence.

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Zorba- A Renaissance studio is imparting training in various types of holistic approaches with an intention to treat carious physical and mental ailment in tune with nature’s way. It accepts no responsibility or liability for the participants health issues on account of any other type of medication through indian or allopathic medicine. Should be Practiced with our guidance or if we tell you that you are capable enough to do it alone.

Privacy Policy - All our members are individually respected and any details or information provided by them will remain confidential.