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Our name ’Zorba’ in Greek means to live each day fully, which is a reflection of what we are. We specialise in providing a healthier lifestyle using yoga, topped with our own master touch. Strongly driven by the mission to make the world a better place, we aim at connecting 7 billion breaths with happiness.

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We are a family of ever enthusiastic individuals with the goal of making every day count. 180+ different faces from different places, carry different goals but the mission is ONE; to create happy identities!

Meet the founder

Sarvesh Shashi

A modern Yogi, with a mission to spread happiness. A witty speaker, he carries an infectious enthusiasm with an energy equivalent to a live-wire!

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25 forms of Yoga

To make it interesting for every age group we introduced contemporary props to the traditional practice of yoga, creating 25 innovative forms of yoga. Each form and prop has been judiciously designed to impact the body, mind, and soul for the attainment of specific goals.

With one mission to change people’s lives


Zorba was born with a mission to make people realize that yoga is energetic & powerful. We wish to enable the individual to create and be a part of an evolving community by providing overall fitness, achieved through yoga, meditation, & dance.