We at Zorba, believe that yoga can be fun and interesting! As a result, we came up with 25 forms of Yoga, completely unique but give you the same benefits of traditional Yoga. The routines consist of a prop which forms a part of our day to day life. Things that are normal for you, is Yoga for us!

Power Yoga

Refresh your Mood
Energise your movements

Ashtanga yoga

Detox & cleanse your body.
Sync your breath & spirit

Vinyasa yoga

Channel your inner power.
Get active & flexible

Chair Yoga

Rejuvenate the body
Flex your mind & body

Aerial yoga

Suspend all your worries.
Dare to fly

Hot yoga

Lose that flab.
Tone your muscles.

Hatha yoga

Refresh your Mood.
Energise your movements

26 Posture yoga

Rejuvenate the body.
Flex your mind & body

Wall Yoga

Breathe life into your posture.
Get stretchy

Basketball yoga

Strengthen your spine. Challenge your endurance

Pragya yoga

Rejuvenate your practice. Natural acupressure therapy

Dance yoga

Liberate your body & spirit. Leap into health & happiness

Brick yoga

Strengthen your posture. Challenge your goals

Sculpt yoga

Build muscle strength. Relax into your practice

Insight yoga

Awaken your mind.Enhance your vision.Master mindfulness


Balance your mind & body.
Find strength in stillness

Hybrid yoga

Relax your muscles. Fusion of body & spirit. Embrace the light

Yin yoga

Be good to yourself.
Rewind & relax

Belt yoga

Flex your muscles & joints.
Get closer to yourself

Danda yoga

Find calm within.
Revive your youthfulness

Tibetan rites

Free & flowy movements. Relieve joint & back pain

Quantum yoga

Harmonize your body & mind.
Open up your mind & spine.

Satyananda yoga

Bring awareness to your body. Release all the tension.

Yoga for abs

Strengthen your core. Keep your inner fire alive. Build your stamina

Aqua yoga

Leap into flexibility. Relax your system

The door to happiness
awaits you.

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