All rounded positivity loaded with scoops of fun is what we aim to attain for our Zorbian community. Introducing events, workshops and workout routines that are uber cool but equally challenging is always on the primary agenda. We believe in the journey and not just the destination, so we strive to make our clients’ fitness journey as fun and fabulous as it can get. Aqua Indulgence is one such workout regimen that is designed keeping this vision in mind. It is an excellent combination of cardio, strength training balance and flexibility and is done with the body being immersed in water.

Conducted in Hyderabad & Chennai, the ‘Aqua Indulgence’ event is soon to be conducted in other cities that Zorba studios are present in. Each aqua indulgence session at the events was a dynamic fusion of Aqua Yoga, Aqua Combat, and Aqua  Zumba. Aqua Combat focuses on strength building; Aqua Yoga on balance, flexibility & breathing and Aqua Zumba on hardcore cardio. What makes this water routine super effective is that the body can perform at its maximum without weighing down the joints. The Aqua indulgence event in Hyderabad & Chennai was a continuous 60 minutes circuit with different levels of intensities. While aqua combat and Zumba made the heart race, aqua yoga enabled relaxation and helped cool the body down in the middle window of an interval. It’s a scientific and synergized combination to ensure the fluid flow of energy with maximum health benefits and body goal returns.

The uniquely designed workout has bowled over every participant that has participated in the session. Three back-to-back sessions with over 150 people was observed at the fun and action-packed events in both cities. With the aim to build a fitness enthusiastic community, Aqua Indulgence is fun, interactive and a refreshing alternative to an outdoor workout that also enables you to combat the seasonal soaring temperature. Since Aqua Indulgence is a water workout, it is excellent for people suffering from arthritis and other joint related issues. Age and weight is no bar when it comes to this workout. Be it senior citizens, adults, tweens or teens anyone can be a part of aqua indulgence. People who are fighting obesity due to lifestyle and health disorders can also be a part of this workout without feeling the need to worry; unlike other exercises, this water activity will not trigger other issues that can crop up during a work out on account of excessive weight. Aqua indulgence also provides relief from soreness and fatigue and results in the state of relaxation, free will, and happiness. It also helps in improving digestion and enables lowering of blood pressure. Obviously, it’s a great total body workout and works on toning of full body muscles.

After the overwhelming response received at the event, and considering the multiple health benefits attached to it, Zorba plans to increase the frequency of aqua indulgence events in multiple cities. The schedule on the upcoming events will be out soon on our website! Stay floating!

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