Is it a quality or an innate state of being? Why is it so important to stay balanced, maintain a balance between different aspects of our lives? It is because balance is what makes you, gives you a definite personality and determines how you react to situations in your life.

Yoga has a large effect physically. Asanas require you to be flexible and hold the position for a few minutes along with focussed breath which allows the yogi to bring balance beyond the body and to the mind. Yoga works directly on the balance of the internal organs, relaxing them, revitalizing them and regulating hormones. Yoga also detoxes the internal organs, skin, nails, and hair.

Are the balance that a sports-person boasts of and that of the yogi the same? Does a certain level of physical balance indicate mental balance and self-actualization?

A slow but sure union of the body-mind-soul makes this balance more than just physical. Stretching muscles to open up energy channels, then strengthening the body is a more efficient way to achieve these results and brings a calm like super-power to your balance.

Here are a few asanas for you to begin your practice with for balance and stability:

A daily dedicated Yoga practice can help gain physical and mental balance and newfound clarity. Balance is an important factor as we age and expand our lifestyles.


The classic Tadasana is a still standing pose which helps you ground your energy and become aware of physical and mental imbalances. The parts of your body which cooperate with you versus the ones that don’t. The acute understanding on balance that this pose gives you is unmatched.

Tree Pose

The Tree pose is one which teaches us not only balance but compromise and acceptance. A straight spine with one half of the body balancing its weight on the other, this allows you not only to listen to every part of the body but to listen deeper. An understanding of how your weight tilts and what comes to your mind is the map to your physical and mental balance.

Dancer Pose

The Dancer Pose is the perfect marriage of balance and strength. These qualities are deeply interwoven in this asana. This asana requires you to open up your poise and align the body with the mind with the grace of a dancer.

Half Moon Pose

Striking a balance while resting your entire body weight on one foot is not an easy task. Head facing the sky, the strongest connection to the ground lie, your rootedness and balance lies in trust. Trusting yourself to serve your highest good. This helps strike a deep inner and outer balance with unconditional love and acceptance.

Warrior Pose I, II, III

The Warrior poses are a test of resilience, strength, and integrity, A true mark of a warrior. The pose asks the practitioner to engage the body in its entirety, head to toe, rib to rib. This pose teaches us not to lose balance and stay in a calm space even in adverse situations.

Remember, asanas which promote balance, don’t do JUST that. They help build that beam, attach invisible threads to you which help you stay grounded, construct that wall you occasionally need to lean on, that poise for self- confidence and that lovely mental imagery which infuses you with peace and clarity. Helping you stay balanced and breathe through every situation of life.

Even more so, the asanas facilitate a pullback to our natural state of balance with which we were born. Along with yogic philosophy, restoring balance to the self is restoring balance to the universe.

Roll your mat out, balance on and off the mat guarantees you your best life.

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