‘Mind over matter’, is an age-old saying that holds true in every challenge we face. Whether the hurdle is a mental or a physical one, it is only conquered when one pushes their limits and gets out of their comfort zone. Yoga is one of the effective methods to enhance physical endurance along with boosting mental strength. It’s an all rounded phenomenon that gradually increases stamina and also unlocks the latent energies within you.

The key to better stamina is the optimum utilization of the oxygen you intake. Oxygen plays a vital role in producing energy when the body is in an active state of movement; hence an individual with high endurance capacity performs better than the ones with lower endurance level. The breathing exercises or rather the breathing discipline involved in yoga allows one to utilize oxygen more effectively resulting in an overall excellent performance than the rest.

Let’s explore these three yoga asanas to unleash the path to absolute stamina and energy:

1. Utkata Konasana or The Goddess Pose

The Goddess pose is extremely effective in the strengthening of the overall body. The pose equally concentrates on the lower & the upper body as it maximizes strength in hips (Inner & outer) and the calf muscles as well as the arms, shoulders & the back. As the name suggests, it’s a great workout pose for women as it also extends space in the pelvic region thus making it a good asana to be practiced by pregnant women. The pose also helps in reducing menstrual pain.

2. Matsyasana or The Fish Pose

Matsyasana helps in supporting and strengthening the spine. Apart from increasing body stability and stamina with steady breathing it also aids in resolving issues related to constipation and digestion. One can do Matsyasana with or without the back support of pillows or yoga bricks.

3. Balasana or The Child Pose

The child pose is an extremely easy and relaxing pose. It is normally done as a cool down asana after a physically demanding or a challenging routine. It helps in stretching the back and spine. It relieves you of back pain, fatigue or soreness in the body. The asana also promotes steady breathing and calms the mind, thus enabling you to push yourself even further during a gruelling workout session.

Practise these asanas to Build Your Strength and stamina and get ready to conquer your challenges!

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