It’s been 71 long years since our forefathers fought and brought liberation to this pristine land, making us Independent. It was when the clock struck 12 in the midnight, that the Britishers made a run, giving us what we have today, our freedom, Our India.

All of us revere the national flag. Ever since kindergarten we have been taught to call it the tricolour (tiranga) flag with the colours of Saffron, White and Green. But, do you know what the colours stand for?

Saffron stands for strength, courage and sacrifice.

White symbolizes purity, peace and truth.

Green depicts fertility, prosperity and vibrance.

And the Ashoka chakra represents justice and progress.

We have been constantly urged to uphold these values in one way or the other because these are the values that make our nation great and invariably will make a person who follows these, great too. Not all of us adhere to ‘all’ the above-said morals, but the essence of it is indispensable, these are the morals that brought us freedom. But however, have you addressed yourself this question?

‘The nation is free, but are you?’

If the answer is a No, or a maybe then continue. Even if it’s a yes, then read to find a new perspective.

Call it a coincidence, but all those aspects/ morals are addressed in the traditional practice of Yoga. Sounds bizarre? Let’s draw a connect.

Yoga is the unification of mind, body and soul. In the process of attaining the goal, Yoga helps you achieve the following,

Break free from the clutches of extreme desire, sacrificing them and emerging stronger and courageous, physically, mentally and emotionally.

Purifying your body, ridding you of the toxins and helping you find your calm, making peace with yourself and everything around you.

It brings to you a sense of self-understanding and evaluation, that makes you more aware and motivates you to overcome everything and move towards your goals, finding prosperity and filing you with happiness, the key to a content life.

In your process to transform, you choose the righteous way, distinguishing between what’s right and wrong, thus adapting justice and creating progress towards a beautiful life.
Yoga, like most perceive, is not just an hour’s practice. It is a lifestyle that can set you free!

This Independence Day let’s give ourselves a gift and indulge in this practice. Freedom through Yoga.

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