Being comfortable in your own skin is easier said than done, especially when you are physically pushing yourself outside your comfort zone in an hour-long practice of yoga. Even to achieve the feeling of momentary centeredness in your journey towards inner peace through yoga, it is quintessential to wear a comfortable and asana friendly yoga attire to stay focused and supple. Here are some simple and sensible pointers to help you discover your perfect yoga skin:

1. Know your Yoga:

The type of yoga you practice should ideally determine your yoga clothing. While hot yoga calls for dri-fit fabrics and sweat enduring clothing, a meditative yoga class welcomes breezy and cotton fabrics. So ‘Grab the right Garb’ should be the chanting mantra to choose the optimum yoga apparel suiting the type of your yoga class.

2. Loose is not always sensible:

While comfort is key, it is not necessarily the right one each time. No one wants a peek a boo situation when doing a downward dog. Wear comfortable yet well fitted tees and appropriate length bottoms which does not distract you or others to ensure a smooth and productive class.

3. Flexibility over Fashion:

Your yoga skin should enable smooth and effortless body movements. Deep cut and skin fit tank tops and sports hot shorts look fashionable,but their tight fitting not necessarily assist in the free movement of the body. Choose stretched fabric clothing that is lightweight and looks great over something that is solely fashionably fabulous.

4. Going Organic:

There are growing choices of organic yoga clothing in the market. While going organic is the future, this future is also pretty expensive. Do your research before settling on a brand. Also, be wise, read the fabric composition of the apparel and pair it with the requirement of your yoga practice.

5. Most Important: Wear your happiness:

It is important to look good to feel good, but it is also important to feelgood to look good. It’s no hidden truth that regular practice of yoga makes one happy. So, as you consider several factors to choose your yoga attire, it is more important to choose and wear your happiness.

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