Great experiences endure long-term relationships. So if you are looking forward to building a life-long relationship with yourself through Yoga, then it’s essential for you to have a wholesome Yoga experience. How do you achieve it? Here are 5 must-haves for an ideal yoga studio to ensure you are taking a step in the right direction:

1. Location

Consistency is the key to reap the maximum goodness off Yoga. It makes sense to zero down on a yoga studio that is conveniently located near your home or office. You will be more consistent if the commute to the yoga studio is minimal. A proximate location also ensures that you are not consumed by travel fatigue before you start your class.

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2. Credible chain of Yoga studios or an experienced and certified Yoga Instructor

A good front-end management team will share details on the training and experience of the yoga teachers and not solely concentrate on service selling. Ask questions on teachers’ certification and alliance with a reputed yoga institute. Do online research on the yoga studio brand and read up the reviews and student testimonials. A good yoga chain or an individual teacher will be transparent about all the details you need.

3. Diverse Offerings and Convenient & Stable Schedule

Check out the different forms of yoga that the studio offers. Pick one suiting your requirement after discussing it with the yoga teacher. Apart from choosing a convenient form and slot, ensure that the schedule is regular and not subject to frequent changes. Inquire about the substitute teachers as well; this confirms the consistency of your classes.

If they offer a trial, opt for it to gain a heads-up about their experience!

4. The Environment

Do a studio recce. The staff should be more than willing to give you a studio tour pre-registration. A yoga class should have a peaceful ambience supported by appropriate lighting, soothing interiors, calming aromas and timely meditative music. These aspects alert your senses and enable deeper focus during the asanas. Also, make sure that the basics of cleanliness are looked after with care. All the props and mats should be clean. Check if other amenities like a changing room, shower and lockers are available. Make an informed decision depending on your requirements.

5. The Learning Experience

While the above-mentioned external factors are important, what completes a wholesome yoga experience are the takeaways from the practice that shapes you. The sign of a good class is an informative student-teacher interaction about the details and benefits of the asanas. A good learning and consistent rapport between the student and yoga teacher makes the latter understand the mental and physical capacities of the former.  It helps the teacher to plan the training in the right direction.

Enrolling for a Yoga practice is the first step towards adapting a healthier lifestyle, make sure you choose right, choose wise!

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