The only constant in life is change and ageing is an inevitable part of it. To let nature take its course is the most sensible choice one can make, you can, however, slow down the process of ageing and embrace it with grace. A nutritionally sound diet, a healthy and lowered stress lifestyle along with a positive outlook are great elements for reducing the course of ageing. Another important factor is an active mind and body that can be achieved by yoga and leave you feeling fresher and younger.  

Some of the Yoga asanas that will help you retain the youthful glow and leave you feeling energetic for longer hours are:

Vrikshasana or The Tree Pose

Vrikshasana is all about focus and balance. It’s a simple asana that resembles the posture of a tree. This asana helps one in building concentration and stability of the body that slowly recedes with age. The beginner level hatha yoga pose should be done at least for a minute, every morning with a 30-second hold on each foot.

Matsyasana or The Fish Pose

You can do Matsyasana with your back supported with pillows as well, but if you are confident about the posture, do it without them. It not only helps in supporting and strengthening the spine but also aids with resolving issues related to constipation and digestion.

Virabhadrasana or The Warrior Pose

The warrior pose is a beginner level Vinyasa yoga asana. This asana improves breathing by opening the chest and lungs.  It stretches your arms and shoulders and helps to keep them from drooping or sagging.

Practice it daily and hold the pose on each side for 30 seconds.

Simhasana or The Lion Pose

The basic level hatha yoga pose resembles that of a roaring lion. It stimulates blood circulation in the face and helps reduce wrinkles, aiding in skin tightening. Practising the pose during the early morning on an empty stomach also enables a better bowel movement. Hold the pose for a minimum of 30 seconds during the practice.

Face Yoga

While most of the age combating yoga poses work brilliantly on the neck to toe region, face yoga beautifully sculpts one’s face and retains the glow and youthfulness. Vouched by numerous celebrities and influencers, face yoga exercises result in a firmer, softer and supple skin. 

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