The 5000-year ancient practice of Yoga rooted in the Indus civilization of India has today found a home in the lives of 2 billion people across the globe. The current statistics of the practice are significant but have an unbounded flourishing capacity to enrich the lives of billions, if even the slightest of common challenges are conquered. Zorba envisions bringing 7 billion breaths together through Yoga. Zorba believes that one of the initial methods of achieving this magnanimous vision is rather simple.

The answer lies in breaking false notions about Yoga, which avert people from taking up this life-changing practice.

Let’s demystify the most common myths about Yoga with Zorba:

1. Yoga is Religious:

Yoga is often confused with religion. Yoga is neither religious nor spiritual. It was founded by yogis and has origins in India, but the practice is not confined to any religion. Yoga is science, a kind of technology that has only rebooted and transformed the human way of life over the years.

2. Yoga is for the Old:

Yoga is an age-old practice but definitely not only for the old. Any age group and sex can practice yoga. At Zorba, we have yoga workshops for toddlers as young as 2 years old, to daily yoga classes for seniors up to the age of 90 years.

3. Yoga is Surya Namaskar:

While yoga may seem all about asanas, it is miles more than that. We commonly hear people perceiving Surya Namaskars and different asanas as the only yoga practice. This is however only partially true. Yoga has a lot more to offer than just the physical aspects of it. Yoga is the union of mind, body, soul, and nature.

4. I am not fit enough to do Yoga:

This is perhaps the most common misconception that prevents one to take up yoga. While one of the collateral benefits of yoga is increased body flexibility and endurance, you don’t need to be fitto initialize yoga. Yoga is for all, despite body shape, type and fitness abilities.

5. Yoga is a great weight loss and fitness regime

Of course, one facet of Yoga can be used to build a wonderful exercise regime. But Yoga is not a weight loss or a fitness tool,though it will help in shaping a healthier you. Calorie burning,muscle strengthening, increased flexibility and improved postures are some of the awesome health-building benefits of yoga but not the whole practice itself. Yoga is a wholesome and a beautiful process of refining the human self rather than just the outer casing i.e. the human body.

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