The accomplished author, Diane Mariechild once shared, A woman is a full circle. Within her is the power to create, nurture and transform.”  We at Zorba strongly believe in this philosophy and incorporate this power of women along with yoga to create, nurture & transform. The International Day of Girl Child, an initiative founded by the United Nations in 2011, is strongly recognized and supported within the Zorba ecosystem.

The International Day of Girl Child is an annual observance and dated on 11th October each year. Initiated with the intention to raise awareness on the challenges, discriminations, and abuse that millions of girls encounter each day, today this day serves as a great platform to the rest of the world to spread awareness and bring the necessary wave of change in the life of a girl child. Zorba envisions the union of 7 billion breaths through yoga; this core philosophy also integrates of raising awareness and participating in causes that will contribute to the well being of the 600 million young girls and the overall 1.1 billion-girl population.

Zorba celebrates the ideology that is being promoted through International Day of Girl Child. Zorba believes in being a platform of providing equal opportunity to the fairer sex. A major portion of the Zorba family consists of female employees. Whether it is the front-end staff of trainers or the backend corporate backbone comprising of different business verticals. The women at Zorba are equipped with great skill sets, incredible work ethics and a relentless passion of aiming for excellence in each segment that they are involved in. Specific workshops and some regular classes at Zorba studios across the country are designed especially for the thriving women audience. We believe in contributing to the movement of women empowerment, as we believe in their vision and potential of refining each thing that they are involved in.

Majority of women population in our country and worldwide face challenges in their day-to-day survival. We believe in the cause of changing their challenging status quo and redefining their lives with equal education, work, and non-discriminative opportunities. Through our initiatives led by women oriented workshops, contribution towards girl child causes and creating a dynamic women workforce and refining their skill set, we believe in supporting the observance started by United Nations not only on the occasion of International Day of Girl Child but also each day of the Zorbian journey.

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