In the spirit of Navratri, the festival of the nine nights, dance music and of course the important aspect that binds together culture – Colour. At Zorba we embraced the colourful personalities of our employees.

In a burst of colour and tradition, the Human resource team at Zorba initiated a colour themed celebration, bringing out the best in everyone. Nine colours on the spectrum planned to be adorned on the nine days of Navratri! The doors bustled with a splash of colour, bangles, jhumkas and ethnic suits. The varied ethnicities and the Indian culture shone through in different colours.

A welcome change from the more somber colours and plaids which are slipped into for comfort. The smiles were brighter, gayer and erased any trace of the Monday blues with shocking trails of pink and yellows.

Colour therapy is for the eye and the soul, fostering the spirit of inclusiveness and the festive mood. We decided to honour the festival of dance, music, and decoration with feasting our eyes on colours, fun, and frolic.

Sarees, Salwars and Veshtis galore was not the only reason for this initiative. The close bonds of togetherness and inclusiveness created in light of these experiences are what we realized determines Zorba’s work culture.

Occasions of involvement bring us closer together as the loving community that we are, with our shared mission to unite 7 billion breaths as one. Uplifting the mood all around, You know what they say, Change begins at home and close to our hearts!

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